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  • Blagoveshenskaya church.  1805 год
    Blagoveshenskaya church. 1805 год

    Blagoveshenskaya church.  1805 год
    Church is open for public
    Built in 1805.
    Adress: Ruleevskaya street, 9, Kineshma, Russia.

    Located in the central part of the city on Gorkaya street.  Church with a separate bell-tower were built...

  • Building of former gymnasium
    Building of former gymnasium

    One of the most significant buildings in Yuryevets is the building of former gymnasium. The main facade of the building faces the central street of the city (Sovetskaya sytreet/ 97). The building was built in 1909 specifically for the gymnasi...

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Ivanovo region is located in a centre of the European part of Russia, the total area is 21 437 sq km. Bordered with Vladimir, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kostroma and Yaroslavl' regions.

Such cities as Ivanovo, Palekh and Plyos are the part of The Russian Golden Ring. The history and culture of the Ivanovo region have a rich tradition dating its origins during the Time of Troubles. There are around 1,700 rivers and streams and over 150 lakes in the region.

Area 21 437 km² The Population Of 1 062 000 Population density 50,4 p/km²

Biggest cities of the region

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    Ivanovo 408 000
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    Kineshma 87 000